Does it work out the stamp duty?

Of course!

Our calculator is coded with the latest stamp duty rates.  You wont need to worry about this as the system works this out for you.

Are the local search authority fees included?

Not at the moment…

We currently don’t calculate or maintain a list of local search fees.  This may be added in the future however for now we suggest you enter a search fee package into your disbursements to account for this as can be seen in the demonstration on our site.

The calculator is not designed to get you a ‘to the penny’ quotation, as anyone in conveyancing knows that in matter is different.  It’s really a tool to give you clients a best attempt guide price and provide you with more enquiries.

How does it integrate with my website?

Practically seamlessly!

Using a simple iframe link the calculator can be made to like like its part of your website.

A small line of code in the form of an iframe can seamlessly add the calculator to your website.

How much does it cost?

Not much!

A single site/practice cost only £195 per annum.  You can as many additional sites for referrers and agents from £95 per instance.

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